Starting in 1998, we began our ventures in producing variety and miscellaneous goods for the mass market. Our office back then was situated in the streets of Omotesando, a trendsetting area of Tokyo. From time to time we would spot young, stylish women pass by on the street, only to be adorning big, bulky and unflattering headphones that were usually black or silver in color.

This brought to our attention that there were no headphones in the market that were available in a variety of color. As we were convinced that colored headphones would become a hit if released , we set out to create such headphones. It was not a simple task, and after a lot of trial and error, we released our first series of portable headphones to the market, avaliable in 8 different colors.

At first we were criticized by many in the industry, and there was doubt that our headphones would bring in success. However, our ZUMREED headphones proved to be a big hit, and we were fortunate in achieving groundbreaking sales in the market.

Three years later in 2000, we became the pioneers in producing headphones original and unique in design. From then on, our constant pursuit and passion in producing creative design fuelled us to develop more products that would also become hot topics in the market.

Although it is common nowadays to see headphones of various colors and design, we are proud to stand as the forerunners in bringing colorful headphones to the public. Simplicity and attention to color is important to ZUMREED’s design, as well as high sound quality. Until this day, we do our best to satisfy clients and users with headphones that are not only stylish in design, but also excellent in sound quality.